Why Are Pianos Expensive To Tune?

Regularly using a piano can lead to different types of malfunctioning. You can keep your piano in a good working position if you tune it from time to time. Because every musical instrument or electronic equipment requires maintenance after some time. The same thing applies to the piano. 

You can use it for a long time when you tune it. Because tuning increases the life of a piano. But it is also important to know, are pianos expensive to tune? Can every piano owner easily tune their own or not? These are important questions that every piano owner wants answers to.

Are Pianos Expensive To Tune?

To discover, if are pianos expensive to tune. It’s important to know different situations due to which piano tuning is expensive. 4 of them are discussed in detail below. 

  • The smooth working of a piano depends on regular tuning. If you cannot afford tuning 2 times a year, then tuning your piano once a year is suggested. In this one-time tuning, you should get the tuning of all parts of your piano done and the locations in New York and New Jersey.
  • Different piano owners try to tune their pianos by themselves at home to save on the cost of piano tuning. But they end up making the issue more severe and need the assistance of experienced piano tuners. Which then charges more money for their extra work.
  • The price of piano tuning is very high in big cities due to the availability of piano tuners everywhere. When you tune your piano the issues of the piano reach a severe level. Then the cost of piano tuning further increases. 

What Is The Best Tuning For Piano?

After knowing that are pianos expensive to tune. You should know that the best tuning for a piano is considered A440 Hz. In many areas of the world, tuning of the piano is done on the same standard of A440 Hz. This type of tuning is done to ensure that your piano produces melodious tones. And that different components of the piano are in a stable position. But if you don’t want to tune your piano on this standard. You can tune your piano at A432 Hz too. 

Then there are some old piano tuning techniques too. They are 12 equal temperament, circulating temperament, and pure tuning. You should firstly consult about your requirements with your piano tuner. Then if he approves your piano will work stably with these types of tuning. Only then you should proceed to use these tunings. With the help of these types of tuning, you can achieve pleasing and delightful tones on your piano. 

How To Check If My Piano Untunable?

Other than knowing “Are pianos expensive to tune?”. There are some issues you cannot resolve with just tuning your piano. You need to take immediate measures to make your piano work properly and balanced. Some of the main things you can encounter that cannot be solved with piano tuning are given below.

Damage To External Piano Components:

The first thing due to which your piano can become untunable is. Because of damage to the external components of your piano. If the sound or keyboard of the piano is damaged. Or if the base of your piano is in a distorting position. These reasons can cause your piano to go out of tune. You must hire a professional piano tuner to change the worn-out components of your piano. Because they have different skills and techniques that can prove helpful in such cases.

Old Pianos:

The second thing is that if you are using an old piano for a very long time. It is very difficult to tune it if all of its components are in a bad and weary condition. If you haven’t tuned your piano for a very long time and now want to tune it. The result is going to be very bad. Because all of the components are either broken or old. Due to this, the price of tuning such a piano also increases. And it will result in your piano going out of tune. 

Cheap Pianos And Their Components:

The third thing is that if you have bought a cheap piano whose components are also of cheap quality. They can wear off at any time even after tuning. And that is just a waste of your money. But you can buy a new piano that is of a reputable brand and the quality is good too. 

Severe Level Damage:

The fourth thing is that if your piano is kept in severe temperatures or places. Like excessively hot, cold, watery areas, or places that have caught fire. Then due to the severe level of damage, tuning is not the right solution for this issue. And your piano becomes out of tune in such a case. 


The summary of “Are pianos expensive to tune?” is due to different reasons and situations. The price of piano tuning can increase or decrease. However, finding an affordable yet experienced professional piano tuner is very important. So that he can tackle different piano issues. And provide you with the best solution for the proper working of your piano. Many people provide professional Piano Tuning services and charge reasonable amounts.


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