Basics Of Piano Care and Repair

What are the basics of piano care and repair

It is imperative to keep your things safe and clean so they can work properly. The same applies to the pianos. Because pianists put every effort to play them with love. Whether you’re playing for personal use or you’re a professional pianist. It is very important to keep your piano in good condition. Knowing “what are the basics of piano care and repair” can help you stop doing things. That can lead to wear and tear on your piano. 

What Are The Basics Of Piano Care And Repair?:

The following are the main basics of piano care and repair that you must maintain in your piano.

  • Surroundings Of Your Piano:

The first main piano care you must consider when placing your piano is placing it at a moderate temperature. Because too much hot or cold temperature can affect the main parts of your piano. Which can lead to improper functioning and erosion of your piano. 

  • Proper Regular Cleaning:

The second piano care you should consider is that you must roughly clean your piano from inside and outside. Small particles of dirt and debris from daily use and your surroundings can affect the working of your piano. 

  • Piano Tuning:

The third piano care in “What are the basics of piano care and repair” is piano tuning. Through piano tuning, you can make the frequency and tone of your piano better. It is better to tune your piano twice a year. But if you cannot do it two times then doing it once a year is advised. You should use the services of a qualified and experienced piano tuner. Because tuning is a very lengthy procedure. It requires good hearing ability, testing your piano by playing it again and again. And if it is not properly tuned then do the whole procedure again. 

  • Repairing The Keys:

The fourth piano care is when you constantly use your piano. The keys of your piano can show some signs of needing a repair. It can become uneven, sticky, non-responsive, and can produce noisy sounds or no sound at all. In such conditions, it is very crucial to repair only specific keys or the whole sound keyboard. Because it can harm your playability skills. And the worth of your piano is also reduced due to this issue. 

You can solve this issue if it is not very severe just by properly cleaning your keys from the inner part. But if the situation gets worse and you have no idea about repairing the piano keys and keyboard. Then preferring the piano tuner to do the job is the right solution. 

  • Maintenance Of Piano Pedals:

The fifth piano care is that you should also keep your piano pedals well maintained. Because through these pedals, you can enhance the tone of sounds you produce from your piano. When you remove the dust and debris from your piano pedals. You can create more beautiful sounds with the help of your piano pedals easily. You must not put too much pressure on your piano pedals. Because it can also cause corrosion of your piano pedals. 

  • Piano Shield:

The sixth piano care is that you must have a piano shield. Through this, you can keep your piano covered when you’re not using it. This will ensure that the unwanted dirt, debris, and dust cannot harm your piano. 

6 Important Basics Of Piano Repair:

Now that you have proper knowledge about what are the basics of piano care and repair. It’s time to understand the 6 important basics of piano repair. 

  • It is important to tune your piano after some time. 
  • You should also pay special attention to repairing your piano keys or the whole keyboard. 
  • Repairing the main pitch of your piano strings and hammers to its main level is also important. 
  • Piano voicing and action regulation are very important piano repair basics. That you must do for the proper working of your piano. 
  • If the outer part of your piano is looking old and dull, refurnishing it is very important. 
  • All of these important piano repairing basic tasks are performed by a skilled piano tuner. Because it requires proper knowledge, skill, and techniques to do these tasks. So it is important to take professional piano repair.

What are the basics of piano care and repair involve different important piano maintenance and repair tasks. Through which you can improve the working of your piano. Ignoring these repairs can lead to severe piano problems. Which later on require lengthy piano tuning procedures with extra cost charges from the piano tuners. 


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