Unveiling The Real Truth: Can A Player Piano Be Restored?

One of the incredible types of pianos are player pianos. Player pianos are just like regular or acoustic pianos. But what separates them from the acoustic piano is that. There are recorded pieces of music that are played with the help of piano paper role-playing or electronic mechanisms. The one main question every pianist has is can a player piano be restored? Because different acoustic pianos are easily restored. 

Can A Player Piano Be Restored?

The best thing about the player piano is that you don’t need to play it by yourself. And can still get amazing tones produced by your piano. Both pianists and those who don’t know about playing piano can use the player pianos. Due to the introduction of different new types of pianos, player pianos have become old. But no new piano can still outrun it. 

Because the beauty of these pianos and their harmonious sounds are unmatchable. That’s why, many pianists still want to use a player piano. And they want the answer to, “Can a player piano be restored?” which is positive. Because different professional piano tuners also learned the techniques of restoring player pianos. The requirements of the piano owner also matter. 

Procedure Of Player Piano’s Restoration In 5 Steps:

Can a player piano be restored? It is important to know that the restoration procedure’s cost is different due to various reasons. It can increase or decrease according to the level of severity of the piano issues. The restoration procedure involves different steps that are discussed below in detail. 

  • The first step involves carefully inspecting or examining the present condition of the player’s piano. Then after examining the situation from the outer and inner sides. The required type of restoration is given to the player’s piano. 
  • The main inner parts of a player piano are the pneumatic, bellow, and the action of the piano. All of these parts of the piano are given proper restorations for better working position.  
  • If the outside components of the player piano need restoration. They are restored to enhance the beauty of the player’s piano. 
  • If the music roles of the piano are in bad condition. You need to replace it with a new one for the good working of your piano. 
  • Like acoustic pianos, player pianos are also given tunings and voicings to make sure that they produce quality tones.

 Are Player Pianos Worth Anything?

Now that you have understood can a player piano be restored and how its restoration is done. It’s time to know the worth of player pianos.  

  • The player pianos hold historical importance too. Because they were introduced in the 19th century and they were very famous pianos at that time. If you have any player pianos that are from good companies. And their models are also valuable and scarce, then you can sell them at a very good rate. But if you want to keep it for your personal use, it will increase the worth of your house too. 
  • If the player pianos are in good working condition from both inner and outer sides. Then the value of such player pianos increases. But if your piano is in a damaged or weary condition due to neglect in restoration. Then you cannot make a good profit through such a piano. 
  • If you have scarce models of player pianos that have good market value. You can earn a lot of money through these pianos if you want to sell them. Otherwise using it for your enjoyment is also advised. 
  • Selling something that is in a limited quantity can get very good attention. But it is important to keep in view what’s going on in the market. What’s on demand right now and what’s going down? So that you can sell your player piano to those interested collectors who love to keep valuable or historical items. 
  • You can also ask an experienced piano technician. Especially for a player piano to help you figure out the estimated value and working condition of the piano. In this way, you can easily demand a specific rate from your customers. You can also ask your personal or social gatherings to help you find a reputable or qualified piano technician. Or you can take the help of the browser by searching for an experienced piano technician. 


Can a player piano be restored? This is the question most piano lovers want to know about. You can restore it and then increase the worth of your player piano. By keeping it cleaned and restoring it from time to time. You can keep it for personal use. Or you can sell it to someone else who is paying you a good amount for it. Player pianos hold historical background and value too. But ensure that the piano restoration process is done by a professional piano technician who knows player pianos. 


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