4 Major Differences Between Digital VS Acoustic Piano

4 Major Differences Between Digital VS Acoustic Piano

The piano is a great musical instrument as the history of the piano is very old and has undergone various changes. New and improved types of pianos have been introduced. Two types of piano, digital or electrical and acoustic or simple pianos, are widely used by piano lovers. 

Knowing the different features of pianos is very important. Whether you want to buy it or share the knowledge with others, some of the important differences between digital piano vs acoustic piano are discussed in this article below.

digital vs acoustic piano

Digital VS Acoustic Piano:

Following are some of the main and important differences between acoustic piano and digital piano, which you should not ignore while buying them.

1. Beauty Of The Sound System:

The first main difference between digital piano and acoustic piano is that the sound system of both pianos differs. Even though digital pianos use various sound system devices and techniques, pianists still feel that the sound produced by the acoustic piano is original, and its beauty has no comparison with the digital piano. 

So if you are willing to use a piano with artificial techniques and sounding systems, then the digital piano is suitable but if you want to create a deep sound with huge effects, then the acoustic piano is the real piano you are looking for.

2. Ease Of Transferability:

The second difference between acoustic piano and digital piano is that you cannot easily transfer acoustic piano whenever you want. Because it is heavy and whenever you shift it from one place to another, it can cause a little bit of malfunction in its working. Also, you cannot keep it in a limited area as its size is huge compared with a digital piano. 

On the other hand, the digital piano is available in different sizes and can be easily transferred from one place to another without any problem functioning. It can also be set up in a limited space comfortably. So the acoustic piano is suitable if you want something heavy that you cannot move daily and can remain in a fixed area. Still, the digital piano is suggested if you want a piano you can carry for different performances.

3. The Need For Tuning:

The third difference between digital and acoustic piano is that if you use an old one, you must tune it at least once or twice a year. And if it is newly bought, you must tune it 3-4 times a year for better functioning. Also, hiring a professional tuner to do the tuning procedure is advisable as he has more knowledge and techniques about tuning a piano. Because if you don’t know How To Tune A Piano, it can create issues in your piano’s working.

On the contrary, the life of the digital piano is more than that of an acoustic piano because Digital Piano Repair is not done as often as regular tuning of an acoustic piano. You can normally clean its keys and other parts for better performance. That’s why it is popular for people who want to use the piano in concerts and live performances. If you can easily tune your acoustic piano twice a year, you can buy it; otherwise, the option of a digital piano is still waiting for you. 

4. Modern Or Limited Features:

The fourth main difference between digital and acoustic piano is that several new and up-to-date features are introduced in digital piano, making it easy to use and handle. On the other hand, an acoustic piano does not have many up-to-date features, so it cannot compete with a digital piano. But people love to play and listen to acoustic piano due to its naturally soothing yet limited features.

Which One Should You Buy?:

After knowing the 4 differences mentioned above between digital vs acoustic piano, you can now decide freely according to your specific requirements. You must also buy the one that is within your budget, and if you want a natural tone, then the acoustic piano is better, but if you want a technology-based sound system, then the digital piano is preferred.


Digital vs acoustic piano involves differences between their performances, tuning requirements, features, and their feature of movability from one place to another. You must discuss these differences while purchasing a piano so you won’t regret it afterward.


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