Discover What Equipment Do You Need To Tune A Piano?

Discover What Equipment Do You Need To Tune A Piano

Tuning a piano is a very great skill that not everyone can do. But if you know the procedure, the right practice, and the tools, you can do it. Even professional companies like AT Piano Tuning also did years of practice to become pros in piano tuning. 

Practicing piano tuning gives you the ability to easily solve different piano issues disturbing your beautiful melodies. And you can easily answer your query, Can I tune my own piano? But what equipment do you need to tune a piano? Let’s find out together.

is it Possible to tune a Piano without equipments

What Equipment Do You Need To Tune A Piano?:

Knowing “what equipment do you need to tune a piano” helps you tune your piano in a short period. Here is a list of 6 important piano tuning tools.

1. Tuning Wrench:

The first tool is the tuning hammer or wrench. It is used to adjust strings properly. It is easy to use and you can easily adjust the piano strings without disturbing other components.

2. Dampers:

The second tool is the dampers or mutes. The main function of these dampers is to ensure that during tuning, you can properly focus on a specific string. The distraction you’ll face without dampers is that the sounds from different strings will make your task difficult. When you place the dampers between the strings, it will lower the sounds of other strings. It will give you enough room to focus on each string separately.

3. ETD:

The third tool is the use of ETD or Electronic Tuning Devices. The main function of these devices is to ensure that you don’t have to search for the main pitch of each string. And you can also maintain the stable pitch of the strings with the help of ETD.

4. Pitchfork:

The fourth tool is the pitchfork. You can get the hint from its name too that it is used for finding the right pitch for your piano. Your extra work is then easily done with the use of pitchfork during piano tuning. 

5. Spacer For Strings:

The fifth tool in “What equipment do you need to tune a piano” is a string spacer. Through this, you can easily separate the strings without tangling them up during the repair of the piano. Because it is very frustrating when all the strings of your piano are mixed up with each other. It can create a mess for you which takes time to cover up. 

6. Incredible Tuning Applications:

The sixth tool is using different reliable tuning applications. With the help of such devices, you can easily spot specific parts in your piano that need tuning. These devices provide you with a perceptible presentation through which your job becomes easy. These types of devices are also used by qualified and experienced piano tuners.

What Are Most Common Tools Used To Tune A Piano?:

Now you know “What equipment do you need to tune a piano”. So it’s important to also know the most common tools used from the above-mentioned tools. Tuning wrench, ETD, dampers, and pitchfork are mostly used in piano tuning. 

Because they are easy-to-use tools. Plus if you are doing the tuning of your piano by yourself, then using these tools can easily solve your issue. But if the tuning is done by a piano technician, then they will have more reliable and professional tools. 

Is It Possible To Tune A Piano Without Equipment?:

Tuning a piano is done to get a better and well-maintained piano to enjoy. But if you are confused about whether to use different tools for tuning your piano or not? Then you should know tuning your piano without using the specific and common tools required can cause serious piano issues. Because the energy and effort you will put into tuning your piano without using tools, will all be wasted. 

You can even disturb some already adjusted components of your piano which will lead to more work. Malfunctioning or damage in piano parts is also caused due to tuning the piano without tools. Even trained piano tuners need years of practice to tune a piano without tools. However, it is highly recommended to use specific and essential tools for the tuning procedure. 


What equipment do you need to tune a piano is an important question that every piano owner wants to know. Because they are interested in tuning their piano by themselves. And if you are using the piano tuning equipment accurately, you can easily tune your piano. For minor issues, you should do the piano tuning by yourself. But if things get to a severe level, hiring a qualified and trained piano tuner is the right option. 


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