History Of The Piano

history of the piano

A piano keyboard is a great musical instrument that has been used for ages. From the very beginning of the piano’s invention, the piano has made its way to all of the important categories of music. People love to hear different types of amazing and harmonious tunes which help them to forget their worries and provide a relaxing effect for their tired muscles. But what is the start or history of the piano? And who invented it?

Guide About The History Of The Piano:

It was invented in the year 1709 by a great musical instrument maker from Italy and his name was Bartolomeo Cristofori. Different types of musical instruments were invented before the invention of the piano which was from different regions and countries but the pianoforte by Bartolomeo got so famous that in a short period, it gained access all over the world and different famous musicians used the piano for their growth in musical career. 

His invented piano gave people access to different types of melodies in low or high-pitched sounds which was not possible in the instruments that were introduced before the piano.

Best Invention Of The Century:

The best time for the pianoforte by Bartolomeo was in the 18-19th century because it was the mixture of the previous musical instruments in which people could not control the volume of the instrument according to their taste so the first invented piano was the best thing they had. But due to the expense of the piano, it was used by only rich people in the start and when it became available in a reasonable amount everywhere people began to buy it instead of old musical instruments which were available at affordable prices. And the best part is that different important piano-making companies provided their ideas and designs for improving the features of the piano.

New And Up-To-Date Pianos:

After the 19th century, there were new types of pianos introduced which were full of modern and technological features and people could use them easily even in the first use. Acoustic or technological pianos provided the best chance for musicians to use electronic pianos in their concerts. Both of these pianos were used in different areas where people could not find a piano at first, now they could buy it from anywhere. 

Different Important Eras:

The best time when the use of piano was in its full swing was the age or era of romance. In this era, all of the important celebrities, singers, musicians, and songwriters used the piano as a good source to express their thoughts to people without any obstacle and that is why the piano is a great way to express all of your emotions and feelings. The sounds or tones which can catch the hearts of the listeners were produced in this era.

Advanced Pianos:

Talking about present times, the use of the piano has gained very much importance in music due to the better and high quality of the sound system and also in teaching kids or adults how to play the piano. Because everyone wants to learn new things in their lives and this is the best skill to improve your abilities. Different famous singers or musical instrument professionals use pianos in their functions and performances due to which people love pianos even more!

Advanced Pianos
Advanced Pianos


The history of the piano is old and long for more than 300 years due to which it holds great importance in the world of musical instruments. Different types of new and advanced pianos have been introduced which can improve the experience of piano users and the piano tuning is also very easy for such modern pianos.

As the pianos are updated and advanced, they need maintenance from time to time and if they are not properly tuned in time, it can lead to serious piano damage which may cost you even more than normal tuning. You can easily find piano repair services in your area for a reasonable amount because the rates in each area or country are different from one another. 
And you can learn how to tune a piano by yourself too by taking a course or apprenticeship under a professional or qualified piano technician.


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