How Long Does It Take to Learn Piano?

How Long Does It Take to Learn Piano

The piano is a source of spreading happiness and calm to one’s mind and the people around you. But the skill of playing piano requires professionalism. And most people get confused if they want their children or themselves to learn piano. One of the main questions other than piano facts is how long does it take to learn piano? Because having a concise overview of the time limit is helpful before starting to learn any skill and we’re going to find that out together.

6 Ways To How Long Does It Take To Learn Piano?

There are different types of elements that can increase or decrease the time limit of your learning piano skill. Some of them are discussed below.

1. Daily Implementation:

The first element that can affect the time limit of your piano learning skill is how much time you spend daily implementing the lesson you learned from your piano teacher. Practicing playing piano and adding it to your daily routine will help you easily be able to play it naturally.

Daily Implementation

2. Background With Musical Instruments:

The second element in “how long does it take to learn piano” is your background with musical instruments. If you have no background or history of playing musical instruments then you may need more time than usual. You should know about every part of the piano like piano strings and other important parts. But if you have a background in musical instruments, then you can grab the skill of playing piano faster.

3. Directions:

The third element is that it also matters the type of teacher who is teaching you the piano. If he is properly expert and qualified in the skill and different techniques of playing piano then he can help you get better and play piano easily sharing different types of techniques and secrets about piano with you.

4. Learning Capacity:

The fourth element for learning the skill of playing piano is that in some cases, people who have a sharp mind and the ability to pick things quickly can learn the skill of playing piano in a shorter period. But still, they also need to be practicing daily and be firm on their routine.

5. Main Target:

The fifth element is that your main goal also matters in acquiring the skill of playing piano. If you’re learning it just for normal usage then you can learn it slowly but if you’re learning it to play it professionally and make a career in it, then you must set a time for yourself and with the help of your teacher, you can learn it in your fixed time or period.

6. Different Sources:

The sixth main element is that due to the different types of new sources like online and offline courses, training, and different programs, people can learn piano easily but their ability to learn and the time they put in training their skill also counts.

Approximate Time:

The answer for how long does it take to learn piano is you can learn piano for personal use in 2-3 years but if you’re planning to make a career in it and play it professionally, then it requires proper speed, learning, and knowledge of different new and advanced level techniques which can be 9-14 years. Having a great piano teacher who can help you with your main objective is also a very important thing that can affect the period of your learning phase.


Find out important and unique ways which help you easily detect the period you may require if you are planning to learn to play piano for both personal and professional uses. Different elements affect your ability according to the mentorship, goals, or techniques you have been learning. And if you learn to play piano, you may also be able to learn piano tuning easily and do it by yourself.


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