How To Repair Sticky Piano Keys In Just 4 Easy Steps 

There are different reasons why everyone loves to play or hear the piano. When a pianist plays piano, he can give his feelings a meaning through which anyone can understand his message. When a piano provides you with so many benefits. It is very important to keep it repaired from time to time. 

One important issue that piano users suffer from is sticky piano keys. Piano users want to know how to repair sticky piano keys so they can use them without any limitations. Because it is a very painful experience for them to stop themselves from playing piano. Due to uneven, or disharmonious sounds. 

How To Repair Sticky Piano Keys?

There are different steps to repair sticky piano keys. But firstly it is important to know what causes sticky keys on a piano. The piano keys become sticky due to various reasons. 

  • If your piano is very old and you are constantly using it. Without giving it proper maintenance, its keys become sticky. 
  • When you keep your piano in an excessively hot or cold temperature. It can also cause the piano keys to become sticky. Because the outer area of the piano is made up of wood mostly. Due to the huge temperature changes. The wood becomes shrink or expands resulting in swelling of the wood and sticky piano keys. 
  • If you do not properly clean your piano after usage. The dirt and dust from different sources can also lead to sticky piano keys.

4 Steps For Repairing Sticky Piano Keys:

Following are the important 4 steps through for knowing how to repair sticky piano keys on your acoustic pianos. 

  • Firstly it is important to clean your piano keys softly with a wet clean cloth. You can use a mixture of soap and water to clean the keys. Use it in a small amount so that you don’t completely dampen your piano. As it will result in damage to your piano’s outer components.
  • Then if there is any dirt between the keys, you should clean it with a soft-bristled brush. 
  • You can use a forced air or humidifier to stabilize the temperature of the area where you place your piano tuning the locations in New York and New Jersey
  • If after doing these three steps, your piano keys don’t work properly then you should hire an experienced piano technician. They know different techniques to tackle severe piano issues.

How Do You Fix A Sticky Key On A Digital Piano?

Once you know how to repair sticky piano keys. You should also know about fixing the sticky keys on a digital piano. By following these steps, you can make your keys stable and working in good condition. 

  • The first step is cleaning the keys of your digital piano. Unlike acoustic pianos, you need to take extra care with digital pianos. Cleaning them with a clean yet a little wet cloth is important. But make sure not to make the keys too much wet. As they can lead to severe electronic issues in your digital piano. 
  • The second step is that you must carefully clean all the dirt, and dust from your digital piano. And carefully detect if there is anything underneath your piano keys. Because they can become an obstacle in producing harmonious sounds from your piano. 
  • The third step is that there is a special grease or oil for digital piano keys. You can apply it to your piano keys to make them function well and remove their stickiness. But it is important to first ask the producer of the piano from where you bought the piano. 
  • The fourth step is that you can also contact the producer of the piano first. Ask them to refer a good piano technician who can handle digital piano key problems. They can easily solve severe-level digital piano issues. 


To conclude how to repair sticky piano keys. You must first inspect the reasons through which your piano keys are becoming sticky. Then after following the 4 main steps mentioned above to repair sticky piano keys. You can easily stabilize the condition of your piano keys. You can also use the piano repair service to maintain the durability of your piano and its components. Because it requires proper knowledge of techniques for repairing sticky piano keys. 


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