How To Tell If Your Piano Is Out Of Tune Explained

How To Tell If Your Piano Is Out Of Tune Explained

Playing piano for the creation of beautiful and amazing tones is a very good way. But like any other electrical equipment, a piano also needs tuning for proper functioning. 

But sometimes, you don’t know how to tell if your piano is out of tune. Because it is a complicated procedure. And using the services of a professional piano tuner is also recommended. 

Uncovering How To Tell If Your Piano Is Out Of Tune?:

Following are 3 important ways through which you can identify if your piano is out of tune.

1. Malfunctioning In The Melody:

The first sign of your piano being out of tune is that there is some malfunctioning in the melody or harmony of the piano. If the strings of your piano are not properly adjusted with the hammers, it can create ill-sounding music. Due to this, how to tell if your piano is out of tune becomes easy.

2. Flow Of Sound:

How to tell if your piano is out of tune also depends on hearing bad sounds while playing piano. Which can be a result of malfunctioning in the pitch of the piano.

3. Horrible Tunes:

The third sign is that your piano is making too low or high sounds. Which is very disturbing to hear. The piano player and the listeners cannot enjoy the piano properly due to such an issue.   

Is a piano ever too old to tune

What Makes A Piano Go Out Of Tune?:

After knowing “how to tell if your piano is out of tune”, you must also know the elements leading to out of tunelessness.

1. Change Of Area:

The first cause is that if you change the position of your piano, it can lead to your piano going out of tune. Because the change in environment is the biggest cause of out of tuneless. If the placement is done in too hot or too cold an area, it can cause malfunctioning in the working of the piano.

2. Daily Usage:

The second cause is that when you use your piano daily, it can show signs of malfunctioning. Due to this, you can assume your piano is out of tune. And the need for tuning your piano arises in such cases.

3. Old Components:

The third cause is that a piano is made up of too many components. Each one of them is complex. And a little mishandling can make the piano go out of tune. The hammers striking the strings, key, notes, and piano pedals or actions of the piano, all require tuning. After a certain period, they can show signs of wear and tear which leads to tuning.

Is A Piano Ever Too Old To Tune?:

For your assurance, no. Because a piano can be tuned even if it is very old. But certain factors can stop the tuning of the piano. Following are some of the factors leading to not tuning the piano easily.

1. Parts Of The Piano:

One of the important factors is that your piano’s internal parts are not in good working condition. Tuning of the piano can be wasted if you have not used your piano for a very long time. The inner parts of your piano are in bad condition is also an important reason that the tuning is not working efficiently.

2. Tuning And Restoring:

The second important thing is some pianos not being in use require not just piano tuning. But restoring or replacing the old components of the piano is also important in such cases. Because some components cannot work normally if they are not replaced with a set of new parts.

3. Professional Piano Tuner:

The third thing is to seek out help from professional piano tuners like AT Piano Tuning. Because qualified and experienced piano tuners have more knowledge about dealing with such matters. So if you feel stuck on a certain piano issue, feel free to reach out to a professional piano tuner.

Important Precautions:

Now you know How to detecting an out-of-tune piano, you should follow these steps for better piano performance. Make sure to tune your piano twice or at least once in a year. Then roughly clean your piano by yourself too. Checking out the condition of the different parts of your piano in your leisure time is also suggested. 

Also, place your pianos in such areas where it is protected from extreme hot and cold temperatures. If you think you cannot tune a piano by yourself, using the services of a professional piano tuner is recommended.


Discovering how to tell if your piano is out of tune depends on different important factors. But maintaining your piano and keeping it clean is very important. Even if your piano is old, you can tune it if the piano components are in good working form.


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