Discover How To Tune Acoustic Piano? The Easy Way

How To Tune Acoustic Piano

Pianos are of different types. But if you want to enjoy playing a full-size piano, then an acoustic piano is the right option. Because the acoustic piano produces better sound than digital pianos. But for the better functioning of your piano, maintaining and tuning it is very important. Now the problem you are thinking about is how to tune acoustic piano. So there are some important things you need to know about the tuning procedure of the acoustic piano. 

How To Tune Acoustic Piano?:

The foremost thing about how to tune acoustic piano is that you must have the right piano tuning tools. Through which you can easily tune the piano. Some of the important piano tuning tools are:

  • Piano tuning hammer or lever
  • Damper or mutes
  • An electronic piano tuner
  • A useful piano tuning app

The Procedure Of The Acoustic Piano Tuning:

Tuning a piano requires years of practice in this field. Having good auditory skills is also important for detecting the issues instantly. Following are the main steps involved in tuning an acoustic piano. 

Carefully Examining The Piano:

The first step in how to tune acoustic piano is you carefully examine your piano. Whether all of its strings, hammers, notes, keys and other components are in a stable working position or not. It is a procedure that involves proper focus and silence to detect any uneven sound from the piano. 

Focus On Specific Notes:

The second step involves using the damper or mutes to dampen the sounds coming from unfocused notes. Because you cannot focus properly if you are hearing sounds from other notes too. The use of mutes gives you the freedom to solely focus on the main note you’re testing for stable performance.

Adjusting the Frequency:

The third step is to adjust the frequency or tone of the piano notes. This step is done with the help of using an electronic piano tuner. In this way, if your pitch, frequency, or tone of the piano is properly adjusted. You can play your piano to its proper limit. 

Focus On Every Single Note:

The fourth step is using the electrical piano tuner to adjust the frequency of the piano notes one by one. This is a time-consuming step. Because each note needs proper attention. You must check out the octaves and intervals of the piano too. Because it can highly affect the performance of your piano. 

The Voicing Of Piano:

The fifth step involves adjusting the voice of the piano. Voicing is the procedure of adjusting the strings, or hammers of the piano. All of the complicated components of your piano need voicing. This step is done to ensure that you face no difficulty in producing the most harmonious sounds from your piano. 

Can I Tune My Own Piano?:

Tuning a piano is a very difficult task that involves the use of different techniques. Professional piano tuners take proper courses and years of training. And they also learn complicated techniques to master the skill of tuning a piano. If you are planning to tune your piano by yourself, then you can face many difficult situations.

  • Because you don’t have the proper experience in the field of piano tuning. If you tune your piano in the wrong way, it can lead to serious internal piano issues. Which can affect the performance of your piano. 
  • It can also lead to more expensive piano tuning services if you waste time tuning it wrongly by yourself. 
  • Piano tuning involves tuning different complex piano parts. And that can physically harm you if you choose the wrong technique or ignore your security. 
  • Professional piano tuners have good hearing ability to detect even minor issues easily. 

If you think you can cope with all of these challenging situations, then you can tune your piano by yourself. But if you think it is a very difficult task. Then hiring a professional piano tuner from companies like AT Piano is suggested. 


How to tune acoustic piano involves several important steps and challenges on its way. Taking the services of professional piano tuners is suggested. They provide different piano tuning services. Because they know how to tackle different situations and solve minor to big piano issues.


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