Ivory Piano Keys: Their Uses and Importance

ivory piano keys

Piano strings are a vital part of the piano, complemented by the combination of black and white keys. In the past, ivory was a popular material used for keytops in pianos, giving them a unique, stylish, and stunning appearance. However, it’s crucial to note that the use of ivory piano keys is now illegal due to its impact on the elephant population. Although you cannot openly buy or sell piano keys containing ivory, they still hold great value and can be put to good use.

Ivory Piano Keys Value:

Ivory was highly prized for its beauty and ability to enhance the value of pianos. Many people still own pianos with keys made of ivory, and while its use has been discontinued to protect elephants, these keys remain valuable. The regulations surrounding piano keys containing ivory vary in different countries. It’s essential to be aware of your country’s laws regarding the purchase, sale, and use of ivory keys. By contacting a local ivory dealer, you can ensure compliance with the law and protect the lives of elephants.

Piano Keyboard Repair:

If you own a ivory piano keys, piano keyboard repair is an essential aspect of taking proper care of it. Regular tuning and maintenance are crucial to keep the piano clean, safe, and free from any damage. You can either tune the piano yourself if you have the necessary skills or hire an expert piano technician for professional piano keyboard repair. However, regardless of who tunes the piano, it is crucial to ensure that only safe and appropriate cleaning products are used to maintain the ivory keys’ integrity.

Piano Keyboard Repair

What Do I Do Old Ivory Piano Keys?

With old ivory piano keys, there are several ethical and creative options for repurposing or preserving their historical significance.

1. Donation as a Museum Piece:

A meaningful and lawful way to utilize your key is to donate it to a museum or educational institution where the value of ivory can be showcased to educate people about its significance. Donating your piano is a better option than discarding it.

2. Use Ivory for Creative Purposes:

Another way to make use of ivory is to get creative and repurpose it into non-marketable items like costume jewelry or home decoration pieces. Be sure to adhere to the defined limits set by your area or country regarding ivory usage.

3. Exchange Ivory with Another Item:

Consider exchanging your ivory keys with others who can offer you something useful and valuable in return. This way, you can benefit from other items without spending money and without violating any restrictions.


If you possess an old key that requires tuning or piano key top replacement, it’s essential to take care of it. However, if the piano is beyond repair, consult an expert on how to properly dispose of it without harming the environment. By responsibly using ivory for various purposes, we can appreciate its value while safeguarding the lives of elephants threatened by its production.


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