Get Your Piano Action Repair Done In Just 7 Easy Steps

Get Your Piano Action Repair Done In Just 7 Easy Steps

Piano action is an important part of a piano; with its help, a pianist can easily create clear and amazing tones. If the piano action is not working correctly, it can result in too noisy or bad sounds, which will negatively impact both the pianists and the listeners. That is why piano action repair is used to maintain the quality and tone of the sounds produced by pianists while playing the piano. 

Piano Action Repair:

The need for a piano action restoration emerges when the inner functioning of the piano is not happening correctly. When you constantly use your piano for a long time, the strings, hammers, keys, pedals, and other parts are disarranged. Due to this, you feel difficulty in playing the piano, resulting in sharp or uneven tones from the piano. 

Need For A Piano Tuner:

This is a very time-consuming and focus-requiring task, and if you don’t know how to tune a piano then the need for a qualified and expert piano technician appears. 

piano action repair

Procedure Of Piano Action Restoration In 7 Steps:

A piano tuner will repair your upright piano action by following the steps below.


The first thing your piano tuner will do in upright piano repair is thoroughly inspect the main issue in your piano: the hammers, strings, keys, and notes. When he finds any issue in any part of your piano, he will move on to the next step.


The second step of tuning an upright piano involves detaching the whole system of piano action to find any signs of wear and tear to start the repair procedure. If only some keys or strings need to be replaced, then he will do it. Otherwise, the whole set of keyboards or strings will be changed with a new set.

Removal Of Dirt:

The third step in upright piano action repair involves thoroughly removing the dirt, dust, and debris from the whole piano. Because in many cases, the piano’s working faces malfunctioning due to too much dirt in its components. And even if the piano tuner needs to readjust or replace new components in your piano, cleaning the piano is a main step that he should not miss at any cost.

Restoring The Components:

Once the parts are cleaned, the fourth step is to restore a few or the malfunctioning piano components due to use for a very long time. 

Specific Placement:

In the fifth step, all components are maintained and aligned correctly according to their specific places. Because if you align them in the wrong position or place, they may not function efficiently or adequately. Due to this, the sound system of the piano will not produce authentic and transparent tones.


The sixth step involves rebuilding all piano action components according to location and position. Because the procedure is complete now and before going on to the next and final step, properly arranging the components is very important.

Checking The Quality Of Sound:

The seventh step is checking the quality of the work done in the procedure of piano action restoration. By playing the piano, the piano technician will ensure that the sound is produced efficiently without any unwanted or bad tones and that the piano’s hammers, strings, keys, notes, and pedals are working correctly. If he detects any issue, he will again follow the procedure and ensure that everything is working perfectly with your piano.

Experience Different Advantages:

By taking the procedure of piano action restoration for your piano, you can experience numerous advantages. This includes the durability of your piano, the creation of mesmerizing low and high musical tones, and every part of your piano responding to your touch, increasing the pleasure of playing the piano. 

Final Thoughts:

The piano action is an essential system of a piano. The procedure of piano action repair is done for the better performance of a piano if it has gotten old or needs repair due to too much dirt in its components or any other reason. 

But it can provide different advantages to the piano player and help him enjoy playing the piano intensely. The first piano was introduced at the beginning of the eighteenth century, and since then, it has become the most used musical instrument.


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