Piano Facts

Piano Facts

There are different types of instruments used for playing music. But the piano holds great and supreme importance for all of them. From the history of the piano to today’s modern and technological pianos, pianos are used in everyone’s house who loves playing musical instruments. We are going to discuss thrilling and astonishing piano facts in this article.

10 Amazing Piano Facts You Must Know About:

Following are some of the important facts about piano that you must have a good understanding about.

1. Soft And Loud Instrument:

One of the main piano facts is that the first piano was developed by Bartolomeo Cristofori in the year 1709. He was from Padua, Italy. Cristofori invented the piano known as the “Pianoforte” or “soft-loud”. The main purpose of his creation was to create an instrument through which people can control the sound of the instrument, from loud to soft or soft to loud according to their tastes in music.

2. Important Piano-Making Companies:

The second fact about pianos is that all of the great piano-manufacturing companies of old times provided their contributions and creative ideas to improve the design and function of pianos like Steinways & Sons or C.Bechstein and many other leading piano-making companies.

3. Two Types Of Pianos:

The third fact is that pianos are available in both smaller and larger sizes. If you don’t have a wide area in your house but you want to enjoy playing different musical tunes on your piano then the upright piano is the best option for you. Upright pianos are available in different types and you can play them in a limited space without any issue. While grand pianos are the best choice for large areas and spaces in houses or studios. Grand pianos are also available in different sizes, shapes, and designs so you can choose easily and freely.

4. Keys In a Piano:

The fourth fact is that an average or a large piano has a total of 88 keys. The number of keys in a piano can be different depending on its size or the type you choose for your piano. 

5. Quantity Of Components In A Piano:

The fifth fact is that the total number of components in a piano is more than 12,000 in quantity. And due to having so many parts in a piano, the tuning and repairing of the piano is a very lengthy and focused task that can be done by qualified and expert piano tuners.

Quantity Of Components In A Piano

6. Use In Musical Performances:

The sixth fact is that the piano has been used in live musical concerts and shows by many famous piano players who are the best at playing piano and people love to hear different unique tunes from their pianos. But for being a pro piano player, pianists practice playing pianos every day to maintain their skill and grip on the piano.

7. World-Record:

The seventh fact is that the world’s smallest piano which is smaller in length has a length of 16.5 inches height, which makes it unique and outstanding. Whereas the largest piano in the world known as Ferrari 308 has a length that exceeds 18 feet. 

8. Magical Effects:

The eighth fact is that the piano has a powerful ability to capture the hearts of its listeners with its astonishing and beautiful tunes. Whatever the genre is, piano can be a great way to express different mixtures of emotions. That is why, it was a great time for piano in the age of Romance, when different music composers and people who had an interest in musical instruments used the piano to deliver their ideas in the form of songs, poetry, etc.

9. Old Pianos Are Also Useful:

The ninth fact is that if you have an old piano, you can make it a new one and increase the worth of your piano by tuning it properly from time to time. But the other factor of having an old piano is that you can sell it at a good and reasonable amount because people who cannot afford brand new pianos love to buy old pianos.

10. Tuning After Moving Or Selling:

A main fact about a piano is that it should not be tuned too soon after it is moved to a new area because the temperature, area, and many other factors play a very important role in tuning a piano. And you should wait for the piano to get comfortable with a new environment because if you quickly do piano tuning after moving then it would again require tuning due to shifting in a new place so be careful about that.


Exploring the amazing piano facts is very important if you want to buy or play a piano for yourself. Because it will help you to be aware of different new and improved functions in your piano.


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