Piano Moving and Tuning

Piano Moving and Tuning

So, you’ve just moved into your new place, and you wisely hired a reputable company with Registered Piano Technician to handle the relocation of your precious piano. But now you find yourself worrying about what comes next—the piano moving and tuning. Are the strings and functions weakened due to the move? Does it sound a bit off to you?

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Causes of Piano Moving:

There are several factors that can affect the performance of your piano. Let’s explore why piano moving is important and how frequently you should have it done. We’ll cover all of this in our article.

7 Important Reasons for Piano Moving and Tuning:

Why are piano moving and tuning important? This reason explores the key reasons behind these essential services. Discover the significance of proper piano relocation to ensure its safety during transportation and to maintain its optimal performance.

1. Ensuring Proper Adjustment:

One of the main reasons to have your piano tuned is that during the moving process, regardless of whether it’s from one room to another or to a new home altogether, all the components of your piano can get jostled. This can be a strong indication that your piano needs tuning.

2. Environmental Changes:

The surroundings in which your piano is placed can also have a significant impact on its functionality. For example, if you move your piano from a cool room to a hot room, or vice versa, it can affect its performance. The same applies when shifting a piano from a hot location to an extremely cold one.

3. New Pianos:

If you have a brand new piano, it’s advisable to have it tuned 3 to 4 times a year to help it settle in its new environment and optimize its functioning.

4. Used Pianos:


When purchasing a used piano, you’ll likely spend less on tuning because it has already been played and stabilized. Tuning it twice a year, as part of regular maintenance, should suffice for a well-maintained instrument.

5. Environmental Moisture:

The moisture levels in a new environment can also impact the tuning of your piano. Different climates affect the performance of the instrument in profound ways.

6. Patience is Key:

It’s essential not to rush into tuning your piano immediately after moving it to a new place. Doing so could result in wasted money and a malfunctioning piano. It takes time for the piano to adjust to its new environment, and the effects of the new surroundings may manifest after a few weeks or months. So, avoid the temptation to rush the tuning process right after a move.

7. Professional Pianists:

If you are a professional pianist, you possess the sharp hearing ability to detect any issues with your piano. You’ll know when it’s time for tuning because professionals keep their instruments in top shape. When moving to a new place, they often only require a tuning session to ensure optimal performance.


Moving to a new place presents challenges when it comes to piano moving and tuning. We have discussed various reasons and causes that can affect the functionality of your piano. By understanding these factors, you can easily determine if your piano requires tuning. Maintaining your piano in good condition is important, whether you aim to pursue a career in music or simply have a deep love for playing the piano. Regardless of your intentions, your piano deserves to be cared for and used with the love it deserves.

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