Replacement Piano Keys

Replacement Piano Keys

The significance of the piano needs no introduction. Because it is one of the greatest inventions in history. Due to this, you can easily create music of different genres which translates your emotions to other people. But taking care of your piano is also necessary because when it gets old the need for replacement piano keys arises. 

And you should know how to replace piano keys by yourself in case you need to replace ivory piano keys of your piano so it will be easier for you. Piano key replacement or replacement of ivory piano keys is a lengthy yet interesting procedure and you’ll love doing it once you know how to do it.

Complete Guide about Replacement Piano Keys:

When you have been using a piano for a long time, it can show some malfunctioning while you play it and the sound quality might not be the best. Also if there is a need for a piano key top replacement, and you ignore it, it will reduce the beauty of your piano and surely you don’t want that to happen. 

The process of replacing piano keys can be done by an expert or qualified piano technician or you can do it by yourself having proper knowledge about the replacement of the piano keys. But if the issue with your piano keys is serious, then taking the services of a professional is the best option to ensure the protection of your piano in safe hands. Here is a step-by-step guide for you about the replacement of the piano keys in detail.

6 Steps For Replacement Piano Keys:

Following are the main steps for replacing the piano keys efficiently.

1. Estimation:

The first step is to estimate the real issue of the key damage. After you have seen the severity of the issue, where it requires replacement as a solution, move to the next step.

2. Detaching The Keys:

The second step involves detaching the damaged keys properly and carefully. As some pianos have a box where you can easily detach the keys with the help of a screwdriver. Don’t put too much pressure on the board and open it softly.

Detaching The Keys

3. Purchase The Right Keys For Replacement:

The third step is the purchasing of new keys which you are going to replace with the damaged keys. And you can buy the perfect one which is just according to the design, shape, and size of your piano by consulting with the manufacturer who is selling you the keys as they have good knowledge about things like that.

4. Cleaning and Installation of The Keys:

The fourth step now is cleaning your piano firstly where you’re going to replace the piano keys and then when you ensure that it is perfectly free from every type of dirt and debris, carefully do the process of replacement piano keys again using a screwdriver and not forgetting to install it according to its previous placement. Because if you place it carelessly, it will malfunction while you play it.

5. Performance Test:

After the replacement is done, make sure to do a performance test to see if it is working properly, if the sound is good and if it is looking good and clean now. After you have answered all of these questions then your piano is ready to use.

6. Adding New Set Of Keyboards:

Even if not only the keys but the whole keyboard requires replacement, you can repeat the above-mentioned steps and carefully replace it too. And you can find a new set of keyboards from a shop where you bought the piano keys before.

If you have some ivory piano keys, then you can even detach them and sell them to those shopkeepers who are willing to buy these unique piano keys.


The process of replacement piano keys requires total focus, proper tools, and good knowledge of doing the work properly. If you can do it by following the above-mentioned steps then it’s good for your piano as it will only save you the money you’ll be giving to a piano technician but as they are more skilled and qualified in this work they can do it better than you. So if you think that something is becoming out of your hands then use the services of a piano tuner who can solve your issue faster and better.


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