7 Serious Signs Your Piano Needs Repair

Signs Your Piano Needs Repair

Piano is one of the best musical instruments that people from all over the world love to play. When you constantly play your piano for personal use or professional reasons, it requires repair. Sometimes, the neglect in piano repair, results in severe bad condition of the piano. To avoid this from happening knowing different signs your piano needs repair is very important.

7 Dangerous Signs Your Piano Needs Repair:

The following are some of the important signs your piano needs repair. 

Disharmonious Sounds:

One of the first signs your piano needs repair is that your piano begins to produce disharmonious sounds. Which is not the healthy and proper sound of your piano. When you experience playing such out-of-tune piano, then it’s time to give your piano a proper repair. Most people avoid these signs but then these signs can become bigger problems later on.

Issues With Keys:

The second sign involves vast issues with the piano keys. Your piano keys can become sticky or unresponsive. Due to this, you cannot play it easily. When you neglect the proper cleaning of your piano then this issue arises. Other than that, your piano keys can suddenly produce bizarre sounds or no sound at all. The keytops of your piano can also grow weary due to constant use. Replacing some keys or the whole keytop is necessary in such a case. 

Piano Action Not Working Properly:

The third sign is that piano action which is a mixture of different instruments, these instruments can also become damaged. Due to this, the action of the piano needs repair too. 

Piano Pedals:

The fourth sign is that there are three main piano pedals. With the help of these pedals, you can create beautiful sounds and focus on a particular tone too. But if your piano pedals are not producing good sounds. Or you cannot easily press the pedals then you must repair your piano pedals instantly.

Dirty Piano:

The fifth sign is that when you use your piano carelessly and eat different things on your piano. The small particles can remain on the piano and sometimes they reach the inner parts of the piano. Due to this, the performance of your piano is not at its full. You must clean your piano from the outer and inner sides. In this way, you can easily remove dirt, debris, and dust particles from your piano.


The sixth sign is that your pianoforte is causing serious issues in performance. Because it can highly affect the way your piano sound is produced. If your soundboard is very old, or cracked, then you must replace it with a new one. 

Ivory Keys Damage:

The seventh sign is that some people are the owners of the piano whose keys involve some ivory keys. Which holds very importance and is very rare nowadays. If these keys are damaged or uneven then you must repair them. This is a task that you must do with proper care. You should hire an experienced piano technician who can tune your problematic ivory keys.

7 Common Piano Repairs:

There are different types of Piano Repair Services through which you can improve the functioning of your piano. 

  • You can tune your piano or adjust the action of the piano. 
  • The voicing of the piano is done to ensure all of the important instruments of the piano are working properly. 
  • Piano pedals are repaired to make sure that all three pedals are in good working condition. And the dampers of the piano are also working efficiently. 
  • Key restoration is done with the objective that all of the keys of the piano are easy to press. They don’t stick or become non-responsive to your touch. 
  • You can also repair the whole soundboard and the keytops with a new set to ensure effective piano working. 
  • The strings adjustment is done to make sure all the strings of your piano are in their particular place. 
  • Cleaning your piano from time to time to ensure it is well-maintained and in good working condition is also important.


Signs your piano needs repair should not be ignored. When you play your piano timelessly without any break, it can show some signs of wear and tear. This means it is time to repair your asset for proper working. Piano repair is an art that only professionals can do with good hearing ability. Hiring a professional piano tuner like AT Piano which is professional in piano tuning is also advised. 


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