Spinet Piano Repair

Spinet Piano Repair

The use of piano helps people to create mind-captivating tones through which the stress, problems, and difficulties they are facing fade away. There are different kinds of pianos. But one of them is a spinet piano, which is very small in height as compared with other types of piano. Making it a little complicated even for professionals to tune it. Keeping it clean and focusing on piano regulation is very important. Due to this, today we are going to discuss spinet piano tuning so if you are the owner of a spinet piano, you can do it easily.

5 Steps For Understanding Spinet Piano Repair:

Following are the main steps you must follow for spinet piano repair.

1. Main Problem:

The first thing you must do before starting the process of spinet piano repair is to detect the main problem with your piano. What is the main issue that is causing malfunctioning in your piano? If the sound of your piano is not proper or the keys are becoming uneven, you need to fix these problems. You can only fix it by having proper knowledge about the issue and the right tool and an extra level of expertness in tuning a spinet piano.

2. Proper Cleaning:

The second thing is to make sure that if your spinet piano has an issue or not, you must keep your piano clean and free from the different types of dirt and dust which can be spread by using a piano or by keeping it open. Because like any other instrument, it needs to be cleaned for proper functioning. Cleaning it with an extra clean yet soft cloth or a soft-bristled brush can do the job of cleaning those areas where your hands cannot reach easily. 

3. Restoration Of Keys:

The third thing is to restore the keys of your spinet piano. Because if your piano keys are feeling tenacious or not responding properly, it is an important issue you must resolve for the proper functioning of your piano. You can do it by first cleaning the piano keys properly and then opening the frontage section of your piano to inspect the working of the keys properly. 

If it needs to be repaired or changed with a new set of keys, you should do it if you have expertise in tuning a spinet piano or you can use the services of a qualified piano technician and assign him the job. Because the process of replacement piano keys is quite challenging.

4. Complications Due To Strings and Hammers:

Unlike regular pianos, spinet pianos are flat in position, and due to that the working of strings and hammers in a spinet piano becomes difficult. Which can result in different types of issues with the working of the piano. You must check the positioning of hammers and strings from time to time or when you feel any issue in your piano to make sure that the hammer is not hitting any wrong strings. And if it needs repairing then do it by yourself if you have the skill or by taking the help of a technician for spinet piano repair.

Piano Modulation and Avoidance Of Issues:

If you want to use your piano without any issues or problems, then piano tuning is a very important task you must do once or twice in a year. To increase the life of your piano and avoid different types of issues, you must properly maintain your piano and save it from things that can be hazardous to its external or internal functioning. When you take certain steps to keep your piano safe and secure you can easily maintain it in good condition.


Spinet piano repair is a serious task that includes the services of a professionally trained expert who can tune it because the functioning and design of a spinet piano are different from a normal piano. Making it a challenging task even for the piano technicians to solve its different issues. But if you take the above-mentioned steps, you can keep your piano in good and healthy condition. 


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