Types Of Piano Tuning

Types Of Piano Tuning

The best way to increase the lifespan and working abilities of your piano is to tune it from time to time. Because due to different reasons which can be the change of place or temperature, or any malfunctioning in different parts of the piano can lead to piano tuning. With the help of a tuning, you can create beautiful and mesmerizing tunes having complete control of your piano. But what are the different types of piano tuning and which one is used by expert piano tuners for better working of a piano? Let’s find out together.

4 Different Crucial Types Of Piano Tuning:

Following are some of the main type of piano tuning which you can use for your piano according to the severity of the issue with your piano. 

1. Audile Tuning:

The first and main types of piano tuning is audile or hearing tuning which requires having a keen ability to hear things. This type of tuning is done by piano tuners who have years of expertise in the field of piano tuners and they can detect the minor problems in your piano without the usage of any advanced technological equipment. But without any technology, it can be a lengthy procedure and the piano tuner may require complete silence and loneliness to concentrate on the piano’s working.

Audile Tuning
Audile Tuning

2. Chromatic Tuners:

The second main type of tuning is chromatic or electronic tuners through which a piano tuner can easily inspect the issues in your piano’s keys or notes and the best thing is it won’t take a long time in inspecting the issue with the help of improved and new advancements in chromatic tuners. And due to the effectiveness of chromatic tuners, piano tuners use them in large numbers for saving time and making the piano in its best working position again.

3. Expanse Tuning:

The third type of tuning is expanse or stretch tuning in which the gaps between different notes are maintained. The main purpose of expanse tuning is to bring out the best version of the piano so you can have a wonderful experience every time you play your piano. 

The tuning of all the strings in a piano which are in so many quantities is not a joke and requires full attention, professionalism, and grip on tuning which can be done by a qualified and expert piano tuner.

4. Even-Tempered Tuning:

The fourth type of tuning which is most used by the piano tuners is even or equal-tempered tuning. The intervals in even-tempered tuning are divided into twelve parts which help in the proper functioning of the piano without any issue. The main thing to do in this type of piano tuning is to change a bit the pitch of every string which needs tuning so that all of the strings in a piano are working together on the same level. But some experts think that changing the pitch in this way can also be a cause of different issues in your piano which may be lengthy and costly when you try to fix them.

Advantages Of Piano Tuning:

There are various pros of tuning your piano from time to time as it increases the working ability of a piano. You can enjoy enchanting tunes on your piano and you can also be free from the next tuning until it causes an issue because it also depends on the skill of the technician who tuned your piano, if he is a highly expert piano tuner, you can rely on his skills and can enjoy playing your piano without any issue for a long time. 

But if you’re wondering, “Can you tune a piano yourself” then you should learn the skill of piano tuning first because it may seem an easy task but requires a lot of stamina, skills, and guts to tune a piano.


In the end, there are different kinds of piano tuning and all of them have different types of pros and cons. You must use the type of piano tuning which is suitable for your piano and its problem. Also consulting with a piano tuner who is trained and professional in piano tuning is a good way to ensure the safety of your piano.

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