An Informative Guide On What Causes A Dead Piano Key

When a pianist plays piano, he wants to make such splendid tones that he can get praise from everyone. Even if he does not want to play in front of others and enjoys playing piano in his own company. The proper working of the piano is very important. 

Even if there’s a small malfunction in your piano, it can completely change the tone of the sounds you produce. Piano keys play a very important role in producing harmonious tones. But if the piano keys are not working properly. It is essential to know what causes a dead piano key and how to fix such issues.

What Causes A Dead Piano Key?

You cannot treat the issue of your piano keys if you don’t know what causes a dead piano key. Through a dead piano key, you cannot make any tone. Various reasons can make your piano keys dead. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • The first reason is that there’s malfunctioning in the spring of your piano. It’s the main component of the piano through which you can lift the keys of your piano after pressing them.  But if the spring of the piano keys is broken or malfunctioned. Then the keys will not back up after you press them. And no sound will be produced from the keys. 
  • The second reason is that if there is dirt or debris or any heavy object under the keys. Or the action of the piano is not working properly. Then it can also lead to keys becoming dead and producing no sound at all. 
  • The malfunctioning of the piano’s hammer can lead to a dead piano key. The hammer strikes the piano strings to produce different tones. But if it is broken, old, or malfunctioned, then it is a big sign of dead piano keys. 
  • The fourth reason is that there are three pedals on a piano. If they are broken or in a bad condition. Then it can not produce effective sounds and can lead to dead piano keys. 

How Do You Fix A Dead Key On A Piano?

After learning what causes a dead piano key, now it’s time to fix the dead keys of your piano. So nothing can stop you from producing heart-catching sounds. By following these steps, you can easily fix the dead keys of your piano. 

  • The first step involves carefully examining the piano to root out the main issue. After detecting the main issue, you can think better to replace or repair the particular issue. 
  • If the issue is about the damaged or malfunctioned spring of the piano. Then you should check it out properly. Then change it to a new spring that is of the same size as your piano’s spring. And place it according to its previous sequence.  
  • The third step is if your piano key is damaged or broken. Then you should replace it with a new key. It requires experience and piano techniques. That’s why, you should hire a qualified piano tuner or technician for the job. 
  • The fourth step is when there is an issue with the action of the piano. And if it is not properly cleaned. Then you need to remove the dirt, and dust from it by using the services of a professional piano tuner. 
  • The fifth step is to determine if the piano’s hammer and pedals are damaged or broken. Then it is important to replace them with a new one. And make sure to adjust them perfectly according to the sequence of the components.

Can You Fix A Broken Key On A Piano?

All types of piano issues can be solved with proper techniques and experience. But fixing a broken piano requires more care and experience. If you put too much pressure on your piano keys or something heavy falls on your piano keys. It results in a broken key. If you try to fix a broken piano key by yourself at home. 

It can become worse and attract other piano issues. That’s why, it is better to hire a professional piano tuner or technician. To solve different severe issues of your piano. They can change just a particular piano key or in worse situations, can change the whole piano keys. 


What causes a dead piano key depends on various factors. Whether it is due to a dirty environment, or temperature changes. Or problems in the action, hammer, and spring of the piano, etc. You should fix this issue by using the piano repair service where professional technicians solve piano issues.


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