Discover How Often Should A Piano Be Serviced? The Easy Way

Discover How Often Should A Piano Be Serviced The Easy Way

The piano is an important instrument through which you cheer up your bad mood, dust off sadness, and express your emotions clearly. And like any device, the piano also requires proper care and tuning. That is why the importance of tuning a piano holds great value. 

Because if you neglect the tuning of your piano, it will not function properly and you may have to spend a lot of money to fix that particular problem then. But now, we are going to discuss how often should a piano be serviced.

How Often Should A Piano Be Serviced:

For the best functioning of the piano, you must tune it properly. Servicing Your Piano by yourself is possible only if you have the skilled experience and years of practice. To tune a piano, even professionals require proper training and work. 

But if you choose the Piano repair services of some qualified and experienced teams then your piano can work beneficially. Because the piano tuner first examines the piano from the inside out. And then after detecting the problem in the piano, tune it so it won’t happen again. How often should a piano be serviced? You must tune your piano at least 2 times a year. The reason for that is if your piano is new, you would require tuning 3 or 4 times a year. Once all the parts of the piano are easy to grip, you can do the tuning for the same 2 times a year. 

Main Tuning:

All of the main parts on whose working of a piano depends are its hammers, strings, notes, keys, piano pedals, etc. The main task of hiring a professional tuner is to maintain the sounds and functioning of the different parts. Only if any part is not working properly. But regularly tuning a piano will help you create beautiful and melodious sounds. 

Can A Piano Be Tuned After 20 Years:

After covering How often should a piano be serviced? Many people are curious to know if a piano has not been used for a very long time. Due to this, they want to give it a tuning for proper functioning. Can a piano be tuned after such a long time? You can tune a piano after a long time. Because without tuning, it cannot function properly. Which is a result of neglecting tuning on a piano. 

And when you hire a professional piano tuner like AT Piano Tuning to tune your piano, your piano becomes good. But it can take more than one appointment to gain the old and proper functioning form of your piano. When you tune a piano that has not been tuned for a very long time, it requires thorough and explained tuning. So that all of the parts of the piano come in its real version.

How Long Can A Piano Go Without Being Serviced?:

When you don’t tune your piano and use it roughly without maintaining its health, then your piano can stop working. Because they require both inner and outer care. How often should a piano be serviced? Is an important thing to know.

Can a piano be tuned after 20 years

5 Main Issues Caused By Your Piano Neglecting Tuning:

Following are some of the things that can happen if you do not tune your piano on time.

1. Dirt:

The first problem you can face due to neglecting the tuning of your piano is having dirt, debris, and dust particles in the piano. Thoroughly cleaning it with a damp cloth is advised.

2. Piano Pedals:

The second problem is malfunctioning in the piano pedals. They are the most important components of the piano. Because you can create stunning sounds with the help of piano pedals. But not tuning the piano affects the functioning of pedals due to which you cannot create mind-catching tones.

3. Problematic Pitch:

The third problem is the problematic pitch. For creating good tones, a stable pitch is also important. Due to the tuning of the piano, the pitch of the piano becomes unstable and cannot create very good tones.

4. Issues Of Keys:

The fourth problem is issues with keys. If the tuning of the piano is not done, different severe key issues can arise. Like sticky keys, uneven or unresponsive keys, etc type of problems. In such situations, one, two, or the whole keyboard of the piano needs to be repaired with a new set of keys.

5. Worth Reduces:

The fifth problem is that if you’re planning to sell your piano, people won’t buy it in such a condition. If your piano is not well-maintained and tuned regularly, it will reduce the worth of your piano.


How often should a piano be serviced? Well, it depends on the types of issues your piano has. Or if it is just for regular tuning, then you have to see if your piano is old or new. Plus hiring a professional company is a very great option as we are skilled in tuning pianos efficiently.


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