Find Out What Is A Piano Technician Called?

Find Out What Is A Piano Technician Called

Whether you play piano professionally or for personal liking, there is no doubt you love it. The melodious tunes are very calming. Playing piano helps you relax your stressed-out mind and nerves. But when your piano is providing you with so many benefits, you should also keep it in good condition. That is why tuning a piano is very important. 

And although you can tune your piano by yourself. But several issues can be solved by taking the services of a professional like AT Piano Tuning. Whether you hire a piano tuner or piano technician for tuning your piano. And you also want to know “What is a piano technician called?” Well, this is the right spot then.

What Is A Piano Technician Called?:

So here is the explained answer to your question, What is a piano technician called? There are different tasks involved in the tuning of a piano. A piano technician is more skilled and experienced than a piano tuner. He can handle different tasks at a time. Not just tunes, but he can also adjust the proper sequence of strings, hammers, keys, and notes. 

Tuning the action of the piano is also included in their job. To give you a clear and beautiful tone, a piano technician can even maintain the proper tone of the piano. If your piano is facing any technical issues, he can also solve them.

What Is The Difference Between A Piano Tuner And A Technician?:

After you know What is a piano technician called? Now If you’re confused about the functioning of the piano tuner and technician, then knowing their differences is very important. Following are some of the main differences between them.

Limited Tasks:

The first difference between the piano tuner and technician is that piano tuners know limited tasks. Which involves properly adjusting the strings and frequency of the piano. But a piano technician can not only tune your piano’s strings and frequency but also handle the technical issues and adjust the action of the piano too.

Deep Experience:

The second difference is that piano technicians have deep experience in tuning every single component of a piano. They can solve different difficult piano issues in a shorter period. Because they have years of training, practice, and skills to tackle any type of problems associated with the piano. In comparison with piano technicians, piano tuners have knowledge and training about pianos but they have limited knowledge.

Use Of Tools:

The third difference is that piano tuners use different common tools for tuning a piano. Which are easy to use. But piano technicians use different special tools and they can tune a piano with their hearing ability. It is all about the hard training and practice they’ve done to reach such a professional career.

What makes a good piano technician

What Makes A Good Piano Technician?:

There are different qualities you may need if you are planning to become a piano technician and grow in this field. They are discussed below in detail.

1. Observant Ears:

The most important thing a piano technician must have is good observant ears. Even a slight change in the sound system of the piano can be the main issue. Due to this, piano technicians must have good hearing ability to detect it.

2. Grip On Mechanical Components Of Piano:

The second quality is that a piano technician should know all the methods to tune even the mechanical parts of the piano. Because every part of a piano is very complicated and needs proper attention.

3. Ready For Time-Taking Procedures:

The third quality is that tuning a piano requires a lot of time. Due to this, piano technicians can feel angry or irritated sometimes. But to become a certified piano technician, adopting the behavior of being patient with every time-taking procedure is recommended.

4. Using Different Approaches:

The fourth quality of a piano technician is that he has a wide source of experience. Due to this, he does not stick to just using the same approach. He has experience in using different simple to tough approaches to solve the main issue of the piano.

5. Yearning For More Knowledge:

The fifth quality involves yearning for more knowledge. Even if a piano technician is very skilled and experienced, taking several programs or advice from other technicians is suggested.

6. Good Behavior Towards Customers:

The sixth quality is the most important. Because even if a piano technician has all the knowledge and experience about pianos, if he is ruthless with his customers, they will not like to use his services. So having good and efficient behavior towards customers is suggested.


What is a piano technician called? is a very common confusion among people when searching for tuning services. But once they find out the main differences between a piano tuner and a technician and the main qualities of a good piano technician, then they can easily use the services of a trained piano technician. 

Also after discovering What is a piano technician called? Feeling safe with a piano technician becomes easier. Some piano lovers also want to know about the Step by Step Guide on How to Become a Piano Technician.


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