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Our customers often wonder if their instrument could benefit from restoration.  There are so many questions floating around this topic.  What is piano restoration process?  How is it different from piano refurbishing or piano rebuilding?  And how much to restore a piano?  There are no precise answers to these questions and each situation is unique just like each beautiful instrument.  But we will explore some of the definitions, types and reasons to restore your instrument in this post.

piano restoration

What is Piano Restoration?

There are generally 3 levels or types of restoration you will encounter, also known as the three R’s.  Although it is worth discussing the differences between them, please remember that these definitions are not precise and they blend into one another.  The point where piano reconditioning becomes piano restoration is not a clear boundary.  It is always a good idea to discuss the details of the process with your technician.  Inquire what will and won’t be included, which parts will be replaced vs. adjusted or fixed, and what can you expect as a final result.

1. Piano Repairs

Piano repair services are routine minor repairs that you will encounter throughout the life of your instrument.  Often these will be performed by your piano tuner new New York and will usually be fairly quick and affordable.  They will include things like fixing a broken pedal or replacing a broken string, adjusting certain parts of the piano action, etc.  

2. Piano Reconditioning 

Also known as piano refurbishing, reconditioning will upgrade your piano and replace any of its broken parts, without going as far as to completely deconstruct it.  It may involve action regulation, thorough cleaning and many repairs.  Reconditioning can breathe new life into an old and tired instrument and considerably increase its longevity.  

3. Piano Restoration

Complete restoration, also known as rebuilding, will usually result in a nearly brand new customized instrument. So much of your piano will be replaced with new parts, that very little of the old will remain.  Rebuilding is a very difficult process, but when done properly can work magic on an old and beloved piano, bringing it back to life.  It is also an alternative to purchasing a new instrument, and can be cost effective.  Antique piano restoration can even add value to the instrument and prolong its life by over 50 years.  

Will My Piano Look Like New Again?

A big part of antique piano restoration (and its cost) can be the process of refinishing a piano.  You can choose any stain or finish for your instrument, and with careful meticulous work, it certainly can look like new (or even better).  Because the process requires a skilled hand and a discerning eye, the cost of refinishing a piano can be quite high.  But the results will be well worth it.  If you do embark on the journey of restoration, you should certainly consider refinishing your instrument as well.  

Does My Piano Need to Be Restored?

Whether your instrument is a good candidate for piano restoration is a difficult question that needs to be discussed in each particular situation.  Certainly your piano needs to be evaluated by a piano technician and a restoration specialist.  The answer will depend on many factors:  

  • the condition of your instrument
  • how well it was made originally
  • how much it means to you and your family
  • your budget

and many other factors.

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Each situation is unique, and so are the available solutions.  Please discuss the options with your technician.  It is important to understand the tradeoffs involved.  We work closely with each of our clients to assess the possibilities and wishes and offer a solution that fits their needs the best. 


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