Factors To Consider About Piano Strings

piano strings

It is not an easy task to learn piano tuning or Piano moving and tuning. And if you want to know how to become a piano technician, you have to follow a complete procedure or course to become a certified piano tuner or technician. And if we talk about strings of the piano, it is a complicated procedure. If you wanna know how long do piano strings last, you must have proper knowledge about upright piano strings or full set piano strings.

What are Piano Strings?

An important part of a piano is the strings of the piano. They are two hundred and thirty in quantity and they are made from materials like carbon tool steel and burnt sienna. With the help of both of these materials, you can easily maintain your piano which makes it easy for you to use your piano without feeling worried about the strings breakage when you play your piano. And they can last for a very long time but many points can affect the longevity of the strings of a piano.

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6 Factors That Affect Piano Restringing Prices:

The following are six key factors that can influence the pricing of piano restringing services:

1. Type of Piano:

A main aspect that affects the price of your piano restringing is what type of piano you are using. It can be a baby, upright or grand piano, etc. As they have different specialties, their prices also vary from one another.

2. Beginner or Pro Tuner:

A second important point affecting the cost of restringing piano is If you are hiring a piano technician who is experienced and working in this field for a very long time, he will charge more money for his services otherwise if you’re hiring a beginner technician, he will charge less as compared with a pro technician.

3. Time Required for Service:

The third factor is restringing a piano is a very time taking process which can take 23-25 hours normally and they are different according to the different types of piano you have. And as long as it takes for the process, the technician will charge more for their services. 

4. Price Rates:

The fourth factor is if you are restringing your whole piano, its price rate will be more as compared with restringing some main strings which requires services for proper working. But it is very scarce that piano requires full restringing at a time otherwise it will be a very expensive process.

5. Do Your Piano Requires Extra Services?

The fifth factor is that restringing a piano requires more services than just restringing a piano. It requires a proper check-up of the piano for any sort of malfunctioning in other parts of the piano. If other parts are broken or cracked, they will need extra repair which will double the price of the procedure.

6. Time Taking Process:

But the process of applying the strings on the piano requires a proper skilled, patient, and advanced-level experienced piano technician who can simply do this lengthy procedure because any sort of misconduct will result in severe problems with your piano ending up in a very long service process.

When Should You Restring Your Piano?

When your piano is in bad condition and its strings are broken, or damaged, the sound from your piano is not very good and stable or the surroundings where you keep your piano are not very good and comfy for your piano, you should restring your piano by hiring an experienced and skillful person who can make sure your piano remains good as new and can operate difficult parts of the procedure with proper care and ease.

If you restring your piano once in a lifetime it will last for more than 25 years and with proper care and maintenance of your piano, this lifespan can increase more than that. But most professional technicians believe that a piano should be restrung every 30 years after its first restringing is done.

2 Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Piano Strings:

From the above-mentioned points about the increase or decrease in the cost of restringing a piano, there are different points which can help you in maintaining the life of your piano and avoid the restringing of the piano if you have done it once and two of them are the following.

1. Surroundings:

You should keep your piano in a surrounding which is suitable for your piano and keep its components fresh and dry and your piano is safe from different dangerous components of the environment which can be the cause of damaging your piano and its strings.

2. Tuning:

You should tune your piano from time to time to avoid any bigger issue which requires more time and money to be back in shape again. Hiring an experienced person for tuning your piano is the best option for you in that case.


Restringing your piano is an important thing if you find any sort of signs that indicate the need of getting the services of an expert because if your strings are not in a good position, you can not play your piano freely and enjoy your favorite tunes on it due to the malfunctioning in the strings of the piano.

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